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Spalted Maple Firefly 335 Hollow Body 6-String Electirc Guitar for sale in great condition


Has been upgraded in several areas, including the Bigsby Vibrato tailpiece, Guyker locking tunners, witch hat knobs, roller bridge, and Surf 90 pickups.  Also features a long neck tenon, with solid maple center block.


It's a truly amazing budget 335 and was just restrung with GHS Guitar Boomers strings.  Comes with the original bridge and tail piece.


The only issue with it is that the bridge pickup still needs to be soldered to the pot, which was done when swapping out the pickups.  Should be easy enough for anyone with experience to do.


Does not come with a case.

Spalted Maple Firefly 335 Hollow Body Electirc Guitar s/Upgrades

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