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R. & J.D. Johnson Contract M1816 Flintlock Musket Caliber .69


US Model 1816 Musket, manufactured by R. & J.D. Johnson in Middletown, Connecticut in 1831.


The Model 1816 US Flintlock Musket was made at both the Springfield Armory (325,000) and the Harper’s Ferry Armory (350,000). Additionally, more than a dozen contractors also made the Model 1816 Muskets during its production years, with R. & J.D. Johnson being one of them. Though these contractors added 146,000 muskets, Johnson was only responsible for 600 of them after the U.S. government signed a contract with them in 1828 and 1829. With only 600 total produced, this is a very rare contract U.S. martial musket!


The lock is marked “U.S./JOHNSON”. Behind the hammer it is marked “1831/MIDD/CONN”. The top of the barrel is also dated “1831”. Government inspector cartouches and marks are visible on the left side of the stock opposite the lock, and also on the left side of the barrel right at the chamber. They  are both “LS” for Luther Sage. Additionally, “V” view marks are also located on the stock.


The overall condition is good. The metal surfaces are in overall good condition given its age, with some minor surface rust apparent. The markings are clear and legible. The bore is smooth and dark with minimal surface rust. The stock is in great shape, smooth, solid, and still displaying the original cartouches. The action on this musket is excellent, strong and crisp.


Barrel is 42 inches in length


Caliber: .69

R. & J.D. Johnson Contract M1816 Flintlock Musket Caliber .69

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