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"Coffee Break" by Michael Flohr Embellished Giclée 


Embellished Giclée on Canvas w/ COA


16"x 20" 


Limited edition #24/195

A deceptively simple image, contemporary painter Michael Flohr’s “Coffee Break” captures a moment of respite on a hot afternoon on the bayou. Leaning back against the wall, a chef takes a break from the heat of the kitchen in the heat of a hot summer day. He stands waiting for a cool breeze like a long anticipated friend. Flohr’s signature language of color pulsates like a Zydeco beat.

Cajun hot color fills his canvas with spicy hues of orange and red offset by cool lavenders and blues. A tapestry of color paves the street as Flohr captures the humidity reflecting like a rainbow in the hot sun. Set against the vibrant terra cotta building, the green ferns effervesce in the heat of the sun. Fresh, clean and colorful the power of this work lies in the simplicity of Flohr’s subject matter. A peaceful feeling emanates from this small work of art touching the viewer in unexpected ways.

"Coffee Break" by Michael Flohr Embellished Giclée on Canvas

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