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Up for sale is a collection of U.S. banknotes and currency from the Revolution era to the Reformation and late 1800s. Also for sale is a 1917 Russo-Asiatic Bank banknote.

All are in very good condition, some almost in uncirculated condition.

Details and prices:

- 1780 $2 Massachusetts Bay Colonial Currency Note - $200
* Dated May 5th, 1780. Has been hole-cancelled as so many of them were.

- (2) 1880 State of Louisiana $5 Baby Bonds w/ Vouchers - $75
* Consecutive bond numbers 111828 and 111829. Selling as a set for the listed price.

- 1860s $1 Citizens' Bank of Louisiana Banknote. Uncirculated - $80

- 1917 China Russo-Asiatic Bank 1 Ruble Banknote. VF Cond - $60

1700s and 1800s United States Currency, Banknotes, and Bonds - VF Condition

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